A-Team Global is a trustworthy software development services provider. For 10 years we have been helping companies around the globe increase their value by transforming business ideas into technical solutions.

  • 3+

    years is average contract length

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  • 3+

    years is average contract length

  • 75%

    returning customers

  • 10

    years of experience

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When the personnel shortage issue hinders your business development


If you are facing a lack of specialists for your project, our professional team will fill your resource gap with top-notch experts with relevant skills and experience. We hold strict personnel selection that guarantees our experts will ideally fit your business requirements.

When you try to reduce the operational cost of your business


When you have an idea in mind, we will find the most optimal way of its implementation considering all the requirements and potential risks. Using such a strategy will allow you to save development costs, accelerate your product or service time to market, increase efficiency and boost revenue.

When the situation on the market requires your business to go digital


If your business processes need to be automated, we are happy to help. Operating in such verticals as Martech, Fleet Management, Logistics, IoT and using well-proven approaches we help to adopt digital technology giving the business what it needs to grow.

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Ensuring highly effective cooperation between customers and service delivery team in order to grow together in synergy.




Alex Stone,
CEO, Alesto Digital Consultancy

I started with designs, screens, and a concept, but really needed a working prototype. From there, they started from scratch. They handled the execution of the app that works with beacons to trigger location-based notifications. The final solution was for iOS and Android. We also agreed to develop the app in React Native. They’re self-starters and don’t require me to explain every step of the development. Generally, they solve issues on their own.
The achieved our milestones on time and kept to the agreed budget. When the budget started creeping up to our upper limit, they were responsive in curbing the services a little bit.

Ingrid Hansgaard,
Digital Project Manager, B2B Online Services

We chose A-Team Global because of their professionalism. Everything, from the first interview to the CVs they sent us was completely in line with what we needed. They understood our challenges and took on board any feedback we had. They were very responsive and good at managing expectations and delivering fast solutions of high quality.
The best thing for me using A-Team Global is the pre-interview process that they have, where candidates are vetted before they come to us. That made the hiring process very easy. The result is that the candidates are highly qualified and suited to the need of our business. We will use A-Team Global in future as well for team extension services.

Managing Director, Campaign Strategy Provider

It only took three months for the team to employ an improved customer platform that met the expectations of the client and its users. A-Team Global collaborated seamlessly with the client to maximize project communication, resulting in well-coordinated outputs that made the partnership successful. The most important outcome was meeting the more than tight deadline. The app gained traction and was distributed successfully throughout a specific launch-event.


We provide our services to various small, medium-sized and large businesses. Our dedicated team has been a part of many complex and interesting projects.



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Operating on the market since 2012, A-Team Global has become a reliable and respectful partner. We aim to establish long-term cooperation, helping our clients to reach business goals and making them happy.

People centricity

People centricity

A-Team Global sets people in the center of business. We highly appreciate the importance of a team and each team member as well as trustful cooperation with our clients which is like p2p. People to people, this is our approach to work.

High quality of services

High quality of services

By having only upscale specialists on board and established seamless internal processes, we look deeper into the client's processes combining cutting-edge methods and simple solutions that guarantee getting outstanding outcomes.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

A-Team Global experts are flexible with the working schedule and the place of work that ensures comfortable work conditions. We care about the team providing travel-supporting programs, medical insurance, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Honesty and transparency

Honesty and transparency

We understand the clients don't invest in a black box and they need to see the progress. A-Team Global is happy to share the progress every day and keep the process clear. We keep our promises and fulfill our obligations on time.


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  • Staff Augmentation

    This model is the best choice in case you need to strengthen your in-house team with top-notch professionals. From the vast pool of our talents, we will select the professionals with the required skills.

  • Outsourcing

    When you have an idea that should be implemented, choose this model. We will provide you with end-to-end development services and assume full responsibility for success and results.

  • Dedicated Teams

    If you require a team of professionals with specific experience and skillsets on a long-term basis this is exactly what you need. The specialists will be chosen according to your demands.

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