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Overcome talent shortages and accelerate your software development project with our IT staff augmentation services. Get top Asp.Net, Node.js, Laravel, PHP, Vue, React, Angular professionals, who can seamlessly integrate with your team, and let us handle all administrative aspects.

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benefits of IT Staff

Let us simplify your staffing process. From recruitment to employee benefits and leave management, we've got you covered, so you can focus on your business goals. Our staff augmentation services will provide several major benefits.

check_1 Access to
niche skills

IT staff augmentation service provides you with exclusive access to a vast pool of leading industry talents that possess the specific skills you need. You would hardly find an equivalent on a local job market, not to mention the time and effort spent on the hiring process. Instead, a specialized provider will quickly find qualified developers who precisely meet your job requirements. Seasoned engineers with the needed sets of skills will reinforce your existing work powers, streamline workflows, and ensure superior performance.

chec_3 Lower overhead costs

In terms of administrative efforts and overhead costs, staff augmentation can’t be compared even with the process of hiring an employee on a full-time basis. Under this service, numerous aspects don't require your attention, thus saving you time and costs. Workplaces, salaries, taxes, benefits, as well as the recruiting process itself, are handled by a provider. You are saving costs spent on buying tables, chairs, computers, software; time, and expenses connected with recruiting adaptation, and training of the new employees to help them reach the required level of qualification. Cooperation with a staff augmentation firm is an excellent opportunity to relieve yourself from excessive hassle.

check_2 High

Modern businesses, especially those that are expanding actively, can suffer from the lack of IT staff. Regular updates, quick release of new features, and an ability to embrace new trends require dedicated and skilled personnel. Building a development team in-house is challenging, and when it comes to scaling it the task is even more so. Here, team augmentation can also bring fruits. An abundant flow of candidates together with high flexibility makes this cooperation model extremely efficient for scaling. The team of qualified engineers can grow or reduce rapidly according to your needs, which minimizes expenses and downtime while boosting performance.

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When you need quickly to enhance your in-house team with more developers
You have an in-house team of engineers, but your project requires more hands, or you are seeking to scale your business. Therefore, you quickly need resource augmentation.


When you require a cost-efficient alternative to hiring full-time engineers
Your project conditions dictate a temporary need for engineers, and you don’t need full-time professionals permanently. Instead, you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative.


When you don't have the specific technical expertise in your team
Your existing team of IT developers is lacking specific skills or expertise to fulfill a project successfully. Therefore, you seek experts with particular sets of skills.


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The process of team augmentation requires a thoughtful approach to ensure that the client gets all the relevant hard and soft skills. Don’t worry though, as all the major steps are entirely supervised by us.

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If you need to efficiently scale your development team

Our staff augmentation company manages the entire process, with your minimal engagement on several stages. The first stage is requirements analysis. At this stage, we explore your project, its goals, and the corresponding needs. Then, we study CVs to find experts with the relevant qualifications and shortlist candidates. The next step is to interview the best engineers. Here we provide you with the selected CVs to let you choose the preferred specialists and conduct interviews. We ensure extensive support throughout the process. After you make your final choice, you can engage the new developers in your working process. We are always here to help you address any questions, concerns, or issues you may encounter during the project implementation.

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  • 03.Interview
    the best engineers
  • 04.Start working
  • 05.Ongoing support


We worked with the programmers and had the best experience with them because they performed very well and in a timely manner. A-Team Global was a little more expensive than other programmers, but they were very good so we were willing to pay for quality.

Manager, Sapphire Trading

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We chose A-Team Global because of their professionalism. Everything, from the first interview to the CVs they sent us was completely in line with what we needed. They understood our challenges and took on board any feedback we had. They were very responsive and good at managing expectations and delivering fast solutions of high quality.

Ingrid Hansgaard, Digital Project Manager, B2B Online Services

Augment Your Team with Qualified Developers

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We recognize that the team is one of our major assets. The performance of a company is determined by the performance of each employee. Therefore, we always work on enhancing our team by making a continual endeavor toward perfection. The following values allow us to maximize the efficiency of our specialists.

check one Learning arrows

The software development world is about cutting-edge technologies and commitment to the job. Our colleagues keep upgrading their expertise every day to provide an exclusive level of tech skills and combine them with the devoted attitude that ultimately helps to drive our clients’ businesses.

arrows Growing check

We grow with our clients and our clients grow together with us. Continual growth is an integral part of modern businesses. We always keep pace with new trends and follow novelties. Our growth occurs every day in terms of our professional development and skills, as well as the geography of our services.

check Sharing expertise arrows

We provide qualified professionals for the job as well as comprehensive support when it comes to analyzing, planning, assessing, or optimizing. We share our expertise with both our clients and new employees to streamline their accommodation process and quickly turn them into full-blown professionals.

arrows Mentoring check

Mentoring plays a vital role in professional development. Under the qualified supervision of a more experienced colleague, mentees can bring out their full potential and maximize their professional gains. We create a conducive environment for mentorship and experience sharing.

why choose us

We are an international IT staff augmentation company with offices in several EU countries. All our engineers are professional, dedicated IT developers who have fulfilled multiple projects with rich functionality and breakthrough technologies. The cooperation with us will bring you lots of benefits

Qualified resources

We offer extensive expertise. Our professionals are adept in a range of industries including the newest spheres that comply with the latest IT market trends. We will help to hire superior professionals for every technology presented on the market.

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Quick hiring process

While building an in-house IT team may take time, we ensure a speedy recruitment process. You will get a dedicated team of top-level web developers instantly, avoiding project downtime and additional expenses.

Organized onboarding

We manage all the administrative and organizational aspects related to your staff augmentation. You get specialists that are ready to start working on your project right away. Moreover, anytime you can add more specialists in case you will need them.

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Transparent pricing model

Our cooperation conditions are clear, transparent, and convenient. According to your project demands, you can choose the type of engagement, whether it’s full-time, part-time, or hourly workload, at reasonable rates. Besides, we offer different price models for your convenience.

Technology expertise

Our developers are highly proficient in the contemporary know-how leveraged in the industry to tackle projects of any scale and complexity that will harness the most advanced technologies applied in the realm.

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other work models we offer

We offer other engagement models for you to choose from.

kosmo ded

check Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams or teams extensions envisage that the development vendor sources the required tech specialist/specialists to reinforce the client’s existing in-house IT team. If the necessary talents are unavailable or the needed skills are too specific, the supplier can find them according to the client’s request. We can perfectly meet your project needs with a relevant dedicated team of software developers.

chec 3 Outsourcing

Outsourcing implies transferring all the tasks related to software development to a third-party vendor. Hiring a team, handling all management and administration jobs, providing the necessary resources, and paying salaries are the responsibilities of the supplier. The process of product development in this case is entirely remote. We offer excellent software outsourcing services to complete your project.

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