Peter, YouWe | Denmark
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We rely heavily on A-Team services

"We have loved the collaboration with A-Team and how they approach work, their work ethic. It’s a big help in having a partner you can trust that can find skilled candidates in a very tough recruitment market."

Marie | Germany
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Our overall experience has been exceptional

"What I appreciate most about A-Team Global is their expertise and attention to detail. They really understood our needs and delivered outstanding solutions."

Dmitriy | Netherlands
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It's all about communication

"I see good communication and good feedback. It's very important to discuss and understand the situation, the code quality, and ETA. I think A-Team Global’s behavior is covering this issue."

Evgenijs | Latvia
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It all came together, I think it's a very good match

"Experience is great. Communication is easy. It's reliable. It's fast which is very important. And also price-wise. We are friends already after those long years."


The relationship was impeccable, and
A-Team Global employees were always professional, competent, pleasant, and quick in our demands solving.
Manager, Docdynamics, Jose Veiga
We chose A-Team Global because of their professionalism. Everything, from the first interview to the CVs they sent us was completely in line with what we needed.
Digital Project Manager, B2B Online Services,
Ingrid Hansgaard
The most important outcome was meeting the more than tight deadline. The app gained traction and was distributed successfully.
Managing Director, Campaign
Strategy Provider, Christian
I appreciate their support and quick response in all my projects, their honesty and professional approach.
Training Manager, IT/MIS Business Analyst,
Shahzad Anwar
Professional attitude of the management and high skills of the stuff is the "killing" cocktail of the success. Everything is close to ideal. Thank you for that!
CEO, Codex, Jevgenius Spruzs
This company is really cool. I would describe them with three words: polite, hard working and honest.
Coordinator, Adviceme S.R.L,
Simone Armadoro
They’re self-starters and don’t require me to explain every step of the development. Generally, they solve issues on their own.
Founder, Alesto Digital Consultancy,
Alex Stone
I really felt like I am part of the development team as I kept in the loop on each and every single step.
Co-Founder, Lubanzi Technologies ltd,
Lindonuhle Ndlovu
The company has a very united team. We are amazed by their skills and readiness to solve every business problem.
Team Manager,
Exchange & Trading Platform
A-Team Global developed a website for us. We had a website before, but they made it better and more modern. They did good work and delivered it on time, which was a big plus.
Manager, Sapphire Trading,
Zeev Gershenzon
For the first time, we outsourced the development to a foreign company. We were very expectant. I can say that we were very pleased with the result that A-Team Global has accomplished.
Technical Coordinator, UTAD University,
Jorge Borges
This company is really cool. I would describe them with three words: polite, hard working and honest.
Technical Coordinator, ADVICEME S.R.L.,
Simone Armadoro

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