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Use dedicated development team services if you need a professional team of Asp.Net, Node.js, Laravel, PHP, Vue, React, Angular developers for the long term with the skills relevant to your specific project. Find one of the best and most experienced outsourced dedicated development teams at A-Team Global.

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Development Team Model

Hiring a dedicated software development team for your project gives tons of advantages. On top of getting the professional dedicated developer team working specifically on your project, you’ll receive the following benefits:

check_1 Cost-effectiveness

It is more affordable to hire a dedicated development team than in-house developers. And when you hire an offshore dedicated development team, you are likely to save even more. The development budget won’t include the additional costs such as employees’ social packages, paying taxes, etc, - you just get a team of professionals working on your project. Of course, it all depends on the scope of the project and the size of your dedicated development team, but, in general, the cost of such an engagement business model is 10-20% lower.

chec_3 High developer commitments

Upon hiring a dedicated development team, you will get full commitment to your project. Use dedicated development team services to ensure that your developers are fully engaged in your project only. You can be sure that the team members won’t get distracted working on other projects. A-Team Global will provide you with the best dedicated development team for hire that will be fully devoted to your project.

check_2 Direct communication

A dedicated development team model allows you to directly communicate with each team member and, thus, manage the whole team, which is also a great advantage. In such a way, it is much easier to control the process and the result of work. As a client, you will always find out if there are any problems or issues that require immediate resolution. Hire a dedicated development team and follow every step of the project, and if any changes need to be implemented, the team will do everything immediately.

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When you have a long-term continuous project
Long-term projects require continuous work of developers and constant project support. Hiring a dedicated development team for a lengthy project brings significant savings in the long run.


When you have no time or resources to build an in-house team
Hiring an in-house team can take about 3 months or even more. It is also a costly process. You can hire a dedicated development team within a month while all the administrative issues are taken over by the company providing the dedicated development team services.


When you have no in-house tech or management expertise
If you don’t have or lack your own technical expertise or software project management experience, hiring a dedicated development team is a great option for you.


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When cooperating with clients, we always make sure our customers can achieve their specific goals . So, to provide you with the best dedicated development team consisting of professionals with relevant hard and soft skills, we take several steps, depending on your project and requirements.

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When you need a development team for your project and don’t have an in-house team

In this case, we take the following steps to provide you with an excellent dedicated development team of Asp.Net, Node.js, Laravel, PHP, Vue, React, Angular developers for hire. We put our teamwork values at the heart of our performance, advocating for seamless internal collaboration, constant specialist education, and striving towards the highest quality we may afford to provide you with dedicated development services.

  • 01.Assess
  • 02.Define required
  • 03.Set up the team


A-Team Global has successfully created an e-commerce platform. The project has received great feedback for its design and functionality. The team has gone above and beyond to exceed the client's business goals. They've established multiple project management tools to ensure the project's success.

Managing director, Campaign Strategy Provider

When you have an in-house team working on your project but need to scale it up on a long-term basis

In this case, we tune our process to make sure your new dedicated team will smoothly integrate with the existing team. Hire dedicated web developers to achieve outstanding results when cooperating. As we can guarantee the highest-quality project execution due to workflow approaches that have been elaborated and well-adjusted in practice throughout the years of operation in the field.

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  • 01.Requirements
  • 02.Interviews
  • 03.Start working
  • 04.Integration with internal team


The software development process took much less time than originally expected. We were pleased with high-quality services, the rapid release of the development to production and compliance with the established deadlines. The specific guidelines for stack style were followed because the team members had the same rights as other employees.

Project Manager, Tech Consulting Company

Level up your project with our professional dedicated development team

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Constant learning allows our employees to improve their skills. We motivate each team member to take courses and grow professionally in every possible way.

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Constant learning allows our employees to improve their skills. We motivate each dedicated development team member to take courses and grow professionally in every possible way.

arrows Growing check

We all know that the world of technologies is so fast-changing and fast-moving. That is why our team members always keep up with the times and, thus, follow the latest business and tech trends.

check Sharing experience arrows

We encourage our employees to share their experiences, as we believe, it is important for their faster growth and professional development.

arrows Mentoring check

The support and mentoring of more experienced professionals help to get tremendous support and, thus, each employee can unlock their potential to the fullest.

why choose us

Our main goal is to provide quality dedicated development team services for our clients. We always make sure that we provide all our clients with dedicated development teams that can fully meet all their requirements. We set up teams of highly qualified specialists with relevant skills. All the team members of our dedicated teams are responsible, always meet deadlines, and have a perfect combination of hard and soft skills.

Custom recruitment

We have a custom-oriented approach, so when the customer wants to hire dedicated programmers we carefully analyze the client’s requirements taking into account even the smallest details.

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Full dedication

Our dedicated development teams always do their best to find the most optimal solution for your project.

Communication standards

In addition to possessing high professional skills, our dedicated software development teams have excellent communication skills, which is also important in their work.

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Flexible model

The model of our interaction with clients is very flexible, which means that if at some point the client needs to expand the dedicated software team or replace an employee, we can do so easily and quickly.

other work models we offer

If you are not considering to hire dedicated team, we offer other engagement models for you to choose from.

kosmo ded

check Outsourcing

This business model will work for you the best if you would like us to do all the development work for you while you concentrate on other business-related issues. The whole process is very transparent, and you’ll get concise reports at every stage of the project implementation.

chec 3 Staff Augmentation

This model will work for you the best if you already have an in-house team of developers but lack some professionals for specific projects or would like to boost your business. We can provide you with highly skilled software developers, QA specialists, and business analysts.

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