An app for restaurant

and hospitality business

Briefly about the project:

  • Industry: MarTech, restaurant, hospitality
  • Client's location: Germany
  • Expertise: MVP development, website from scratch, mobile app from scratch
  • Project Type: Web, mobile
  • Technologies: Laravel, Xamarin

Initial Request:

This is an NDA-protected project created for the German-based restaurant and hospitality business. This is one of our current customers since the application created for them continues to grow, improve and evolve. The initial request was to develop a website for coupon issuing and management using the most effective tech stack.

After listening to and analyzing the requirements of the customer, our tech team concluded that having a website only will not be enough to grow this business. Creating a mobile application in addition to a website was a more winning tactic we have suggested to the customer. We have also prepared a step-by-step action plan to prove the feasibility of our suggestion and let the customer get a clear picture from the very beginning of our collaboration. As our customer shared later, our far-reaching approach and careful planning were the factors that made them choose us for their project development.

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Initial Request:

Project Development

Already at the presale stage, we suggested creating a website with the help of Laravel and powering a mobile app by Xamarin. The core idea behind the app itself was to connect restaurant owners and their guests, allowing the first to create and share coupons, and the latter—save money when ordering from their favorite dining spot. The restaurants can issue as many coupons as they would like to share, while their guests can not only use the coupon but also book a visit and order food delivery.

To get started with the app, the restaurant has to register and share essential information about the business - for example, the name, menu, and location and then proceed with coupon generation. Restaurants can also create special discounts and gift certificates.

The customers, in turn, have to pay a one-time fee to use the app and then, use the coupons saving money with each order from their favorite restaurant. Below are more features of this app.

A-Team Global

Here are the list of features that we developed at the end of our work:

For restaurants:
  • Simple registration with the fields to add location, upload menu and photos, plus tell the future guests more about the business
  • Coupon generation. Restaurants can create an unlimited number of coupons using a pre-developed template or upload their one with a custom design. It is impossible to create a coupon without specifying its expiration date.
  • Reporting on the number of already used coupons by guests
  • The feature that allows the restaurants to rate the guests. Depending on the guest’s rate, the restaurant can refuse to share the coupon with this guest.
  • Orders. In response to the pandemic challenges, we suggested creating a delivery system inside the app which allows the restaurants to get, manage and deliver the orders.
our main work
For guests:
  • Registration form with the feature to add personal information
  • Search for the restaurants and coupons using the search filters. For example, the guests can search depending on the cuisine they would like to order, the coupon size, or for the coupon shared the restaurant nearby
  • Book a coupon. This is one of the features that makes this app unique - with its help, the guests can book a coupon and use it within three days.
  • Reporting. In this dashboard, the customers can see how many coupons they have used and how much money saved with their help.
  • QR code scanning. When the customer visits the restaurant and uses a coupon, they just need to show the QR code to the waiter and the coupon will be applied to the order.
  • Book a visit or order food delivery. With this feature, the customer can book a visit to their favorite venture or order food delivery right from the app, applying the coupon.
  • Customers’ feedback. This feature allows the customer to rate the restaurant, leave a comment and share their impressions.
our work

Business Value:

After a well-validated MVP was ready, the customer launched a marketing campaign to attract the first business owners and customers.

As a result of our work, the company got the following benefits

22 restaurants and 100+ guests got registered after the application was launched and advertised.
The existing users have instantly appreciated the convenience of using the app.
The guests were satisfied with the opportunity to save money, and the restaurants began to use the app as one of the channels to reach out to the customers.
To get even more winning opportunities within the app, more and more restaurants began to choose more advanced subscription packages.
The application became more and more popular because of word of mouth. But in response to sudden quarantine measures, the amount of both restaurants and guests began to drop. At this point, we suggested adding the delivery system to the app so that the restaurants don’t lose touch with their guests. After running this feature, the app became even more popular. To date, it is used by 200 restaurants and 1000 guests.

Client Feedback

We’ve been getting positive feedback from our users who especially like our app’s design usability. The A-Team Global was highly responsive, reliable, delivered what they promised, and added additional capabilities to our team. The app they created exceeded my expectations.

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