Email platform

for improving marketing campaigns

Briefly about the project:

  • Industry: MarTech
  • Client's location: Germany
  • Expertise: Email marketing platform from scratch
  • Project Type: Web
  • Technologies: PHP, YII 2, RabbitMQ, JavaScript

Initial Request:

The customer, who has been operating in the martech area for several years, contacted A-Team Global with the request of solving the company’s biggest problem. And the problem was that many of the company’s emails hit the spam folder.

Since the client’s company runs in a highly competitive industry, an important part of the company’s operation is to provide relevant information to their clients via emails. The company did a lot of marketing campaigns by sending emails to current and potential customers. However, the company noticed that quite a lot of people didn’t receive their emails. Luckily, the client realized the possible loss of potential clients on time.

Therefore, the company decided to deal with experts to get rid of this problem. At this stage, the company approached A-Team Global by filling up the request form on our website and sharing the detailed information with us.

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Initial Request:

Project Development

We have carefully studied the customer’s incoming request and involved our best specialists to examine the situation and find out the best possible solution. Very soon we spotted where the problem was and why so many emails hit the spam folder.

We came up with the solution of creating an email marketing platform. We realized that such a platform would allow the client to run mass mail campaigns without having to worry about losing emails in the spam folder. Moreover, such a platform diminishes the risks of the emails getting blocked.

We shared our findings with the client. We then evaluated the approximate cost for the project and established the deadline. The client was satisfied with everything, and so we signed a contract and our fruitful cooperation started.

To work on the project, we set up the whole team consisting of 3 full-stack developers, one being a senior one, 1 Project manager, and 1 Quality Assurance specialist. We carefully examined which tech stack would be best suitable for this project and, in the final analysis, chose the following technologies to work with: PHP, YII 2, RabbitMQ, JavaScript.

A-Team Global

The company received a professional email marketing platform with such incredibly important functions as:

  • Quick and simple access via web browser
  • Possibility of setting the limits for the number of sent emails. Our client can set limits for a certain period and for each mail vendor (,, etc.)
  • Customization of email design by changing font, background color and uploading images.
  • Convenient creation of templates and editing them when needed
  • Reaching target audience by email personalization by simply adding required variables like first name, surname etc
  • Possibility of adding subscribers manually or uploading all of them via one file
  • Built-in opt-out function as it is very important to send emails only to the people who allow it.
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Business Value:

Creation of an email marketing platform helped the client to achieve the following results:

As a result of our work, the company got the following benefits

15% increase in conversion rate, 10% increase in click rate, 36% increase in new leads
Run mass email campaigns and make sure they would end up in the receivers’ email inboxes
Possibility of tracking email campaigns and checking email open rate, click-through rate
Send more letters to a greater number of target audiences
As a result of our fruitful cooperation, the company got an efficient, highly-functional, and customizable email marketing platform. The client was fully satisfied with our work, and even until now, we continue cooperating on other projects.

Client Feedback

At last, I managed to find an IT company that could successfully solve our problem. The company showed great professionalism in the work attitude. And I love the communication between us. They always answered all my requests. I continue working with the company. I highly recommend A-Team Global as a highly professional IT company.

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