Multifunctional marketplace

of beauty, lifestyle, and sport

Briefly about the project:

  • Industry: MarTech, beauty, lifestyle, sport
  • Client's location: Germany
  • Expertise: Website redesign, plugin customization, search possibility, online bookings
  • Project Type: Web
  • Technologies: Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Initial Request:

The client from Germany contacted us with the request of fully redesigning a multifunctional online marketplace of beauty, lifestyle and sport as well as extending the website features and functionality. After receiving the request, our team started doing the research and gathering all the necessary data regarding the project. First and foremost, we ran several tests in order to better understand which features would be the best to add to make the website to ensure that the visitors would get the best experience.

We realized that the main trump card of the client’s online marketplace is its versatility and easiness with which clients could find the needed service in the nearest area. That’s why we ran a couple of questionnaires and interviews to the selected group of people in order to determine the ways of improving UX/UI design and create a cut-above experience for users.

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Initial Request:

Project Development

For this project, we set up a team of 1 senior full stack developer, 1 middle full stack developer, 1 QA, 1 UX/UI designer, and 1 Project Manager.

The Project manager ensured the smooth run of the project and made sure all the deadlines were met. Since at A-Team Global, the client is our top priority, we always make sure we keep the client informed about all the stages of the project fulfillment. So, the PM also functions as a bridge of communication between our A-Players and the client and makes sure there are no misunderstandings or any communication issues.

Our professional team carefully looked at the project requirements once again, analyzed the scope and scalability of the project, user experience goals, analyzed the most popular technologies, frameworks, and libraries. Based on our analysis, we made a decision to use the following tech stack for the project: Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript. Such a tech stack worked perfectly for this project.

We also paid great attention to UX/UI design since it was of paramount importance to improve user-experience and take it to a new level and create seamless high-standard user experience.

A-Team Global

During the work on the project, our team:

  • Theme and plugin customization
  • Website redesign according to the requirements
  • Online appointment calendar and synchronization with Google calendar (digital appointment and customer management)
  • Online bookings
  • Implemented search possibility by categories
  • Overview of visitor statistics
our main work
  • Introduced online shop linking- it is the linking of the online shop as well as the website so that the customers can buy online directly from companies or book services
  • Created the admin area of companies with the opportunity to add the service categories and necessary information like address, phone, text, picture gallery, video, social media.
  • Integration of subscription payment with PayPal API
our work

Business Value:

After we did a website redesign and introduced new relevant features, the company got the following benefits

As a result of our work, the company got the following benefits

The conversion rate increased to 8% within 2 months.
Implementation of the visitor statistics allows the client to better understand the leads and their customer journey.
The quality of leads improved significantly.
More online shops are now ready to advertise their services on the platform.
The feature like online shop linking attracts all types of vendors that successfully utilize platform for advertising their businesses.
The website looks contemporary, and, thus, fully meets the needs of users today. The bounce rate decreased and the website continues attracting new visitors every day.

Client Feedback

I had great pleasure working with A-Team Global. All the team members are highly professional and proactive. Not only did I receive quality work, but also valuable advice on how to further improve the project. I will definitely continue working with A-Team Global!

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