Improved Logistics

for State Emergency Services

Customer info:

Kyiv State Emergency Services

  • State Emergency Services in Kyiv region
  • Ukrainian State Company
  • Emergency Service System
  • Serving around 3 million people in Kyiv region


  • Reducing fuel and oil cost by 18% with Metrix Solution
  • Vehicles equipped with GPS/GSM modules
  • Sensors equipped, fire protection sensors
  • Integration with internal ERP systems
  • Providing notification and reporting services
  • Creating better traffic management

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Customer’s Request

The customer came to us with the request of improving the business operation and having more control over vehicles, the overall fuel consumption as well as accelerating the arrival time of emergency vehicles. Since our company, in partnership with Intelligent Transport Service, specializes in creating custom IoT solutions in various areas, including fleet management, we immediately started working on the customer’s request. We offered to implement Metrix, our pre-built custom IoT solution.
I feel like with today’s technology, there should be a way to have more control over vehicles, have better logistics so that emergency vehicles can arrive faster. I believe it will significantly improve the service for people.

Why Metrix?

Metrix allows monitoring all vehicle movements with easy-to-use reporting systems. All the modules can be modified according to the customer’s needs. We also ensure that the IoT solution is seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and enhances your company’s performance.

For this project, we also developed special modules that would allow us to automate the work of operators of “101” service. Improved logistic systems reduced the arrival time of ambulance vehicles so people in need can now get help much faster, which in some situations might be critical. And our specialized software for the dispatchers of ambulance service enabled even faster response time.

We also successfully developed a set of technological tools for the implementation of the reception, sorting, organization and exchange of large amounts of data. We worked on installing fire protection sensors as well. Such sensors help detect the smoke or flames from fire and give an early warning, which, in its turn, can prevent the fire.

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Business Results and Benefits:

As a result of our work, the company got the following benefits

Improved logistics ecosystem helped accelerate the arrival time of emergency vehicles, improved the response time of dispatchers, helped spot traffic jams immediately and find better routes.
The vehicles were fully controlled, thus, it was easier to prevent any crashes and better allocate finances. A lot of work could be then performed automatically.
Due to the operators’ work automation, the service became much better and quicker for the citizens, which had a great social impact on the community.
We also provided necessary training for the personnel so that they could easily use the new system and interpret all the data correctly.
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