Improving transport logistics in Dnipro City

with the help of Metrix

Customer info:

Dnipro City Council

  • Dnipro City Council, state authorities
  • Dnipro region is one of the largest economic centers in Ukraine Dnipro City Council is a local state authority center responsible for implementing and improving the overall city and Dnipro region structure


  • GPS/GSM tracking system for all city transport vehicles including 3rd party carriers
  • First solution in Ukraine for City transport tracking and notification that covers the whole City
  • Information boards at bus and tram stops
  • Notification and reporting services
  • Mobile application for citizens

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Customer’s Request

The customer came to us with the request of improving the public transport in the city, making the logistics better, encouraging more people to use public transport and making it more convenient for people.
In Dnipro city we often face the problem of proper public transport logistics. Besides, in recent years,less people use public transport, and they complain that in case the bus or tram is late, they have to wait for a long time without knowing exactly when the next bus arrives. We need to do something about it


The Dnipro City Council needed a cost-effective solution that could be implemented within a relatively short period of time. Using Metrix, our customized IoT solution, was ideal for such a project. Having vast experience in fleet management, we could install GPS/GSM modules on all passenger vehicles in Dnipro city and its suburbs in less than a year. We also provided training to the personnel how to use and analyze the reporting system and improve the public transport logistics.

A-Team Global

Business Results and Benefits:

As a result of our work, the company got the following benefits

Developed a software system for the dispatching of passenger transport of the city as well as for the whole region
Installed GPS/GSM modules on all passenger vehicles. Created logistics plan monitoring and reporting system for dispatchers
Implemented the first in Ukraine online resource of passenger notifications via mobile devices about the transport approaching
Implemented information boards on transport departure/arrival at all the public transport stops
After the implementation of Metrix, our customized IoT solution, the Dnipro City Council could improve the public transport logistics, save money, encourage more people to use public transport and improve the convenience of its use for citizens and city visitors.
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