January 27, 2022

2022 Clutch Award for Germany’s Top Web Developer

A-Team Global (former IT Master Soft) was officially recognized as a leader on Clutch this 2022. This award is made possible thanks to the outstanding reviews and projects given to us by our clients.

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Our team is known for its outstanding commitment to all of our clients. We make sure to go above and beyond to help them scale their business and harness the power of technology.

Just recently, we caught wind that A-Team Global (former IT Master Soft) was officially recognized as a leader on Clutch this 2022!

Clutch Leader

To help you get up to speed, Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating platform designed to guide browsers through various industries worldwide. The site goes through a meticulous selection process to determine and rank the best-performing service providers throughout the year.

According to their latest report, A-Team Global (former IT Master Soft) is among Germany’s 2022 leading web development companies. This award is made possible thanks to the outstanding reviews and projects given to us by our clients.

“It is an honor for our company to get recognition. This reflection of our continued hard work and dedication as a development company gives us strength to go on and deal with everyday challenges.” —  Alexey Kotliar, Chief Executive Officer of A-Team Global (former IT Master Soft)

When we started this company back in 2012, we knew the huge challenges ahead of us then. This team started off small but look at us now, an award-winning team that’s had the massive opportunity to serve as your trusted partner. The gracious support of our clients helped us get to where we are today. Thank you so much to each and every one!

Message us if you have any questions or any challenging ideas. We’re excited to get to work with you!

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