July 1, 2022

From IT Master Soft to A-Team Global: Meet Our New Brand Identity, New Website, and Our Talented A-Players

We are happy to announce that our company, IT Master Soft, is transforming into A-Team Global. We are not just changing the company’s name, we are rebranding with the aim to better highlight our core values and our significant growth over the years. Together with our talented A-players, we are becoming a better version of ourselves.

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Martin Luther King Jr once said:

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

At IT Master Soft, we have constantly been going forward. We’ve crossed many bridges, easy and difficult ones; we’ve accumulated valuable experience; we’ve learned a lot during our decade-long operation, and now we continue moving forward. Rejuvenated, mature, full of new ideas, and ready for new challenges and new accomplishments. We are moving forward as A-Team Global.

Why A-Team Global?

So, why are we changing the name from IT Master Soft to A-Team Global? 

The company’s CEO, Alex Kotliar, gives a precise answer:

We feel that now is the time to create a brand that matches our growth and our true strength. Our team! Meet our new name, A-Team Global!

A-Team stands for

A – players

T – talented

E – effective

A – ambitious,

M - mature

Acting globally means being free in both geography and creativity. The company operates around the globe with the customers as well as with the talents. 

Our new mission: A-Team Global ensures highly effective cooperation between customers and service delivery teams in order to grow together in synergy.

So, A-Team Global is changing its brand to show everyone who we really are.

Our Values

At A-Team Global, we are guided by the following values:

  • Honesty. We build open and honest relationships with our teammates and our clients
  • Commitment to the common goal. We work for a common result. We help our colleagues to grow and develop. We respect each other. Our cooperation is built on trust.
  • Growth and learning. We go hand-in-hand with new technologies and constantly strive to become better in all aspects of our activities.
  • Responsibility. We always fulfill our obligations and keep all our promises. We are a highly responsible, trustworthy company.
  • Openness to new things. We constantly look for new opportunities and cooperation with new people. We are willingly accepting new challenging projects.
  • Humor. Humor is welcome in our company. It elevates mood and helps overcome all the obstacles. We know how to make a good joke, even about ourselves.
  • Friendliness. We are friendly to colleagues, partners, and clients. We feel the importance of positive communication and always try to stay cheerful.
  • Flexibility. We use only the best practices during our workflow. We adjust to meet our clients' requirements.
  • Mutual support. We create an environment where professional and personal development is highly supported and encouraged. We support each other in achieving our goals

A mutually supporting, trustful, friendly, honest, respectful culture is an integral part of A-Team Global. We really are a truly global company with defined values, vast experience, a clear future vision, and bright A-Team members.

According to the company’s CEO, Alex Kotliar,

We strongly believe that the power of a company is hidden in its team. You can be sure that we thoroughly pick our team members. Candidates pass interviews not only for tech skills but for soft skills as well. 

The strength of the A-Team company is indeed in its A-Team players who are always eager to work, have a great combination of hard and soft skills, great sense of humor, and are always ready to support and guide each other.

Our Future Goals

New brand identity comes with the advanced vision for our future goals. We strive to move forward and become only better. Our new vision is reflected in the subsequent goals:

  • Supreme quality. Ensuring the high quality of our services has always been among our core principles. We always stay abreast of the latest technologies and never stop learning. Providing only supreme quality of services has become one of our main goals. To achieve the highest code quality, we’ve enlisted the support of experienced consultants.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction. We apply an individual approach to every customer, and we would like to make every customer happy with our services. Happy customers love us, stay with us, recommend us and come to us again and again. Therefore, our goal is 100% satisfied customers.
  • Project Supervision. To set the seal on customers’ satisfaction, we plan on supervising the project from its start. We are planning regular meetings with clients to measure their level of satisfaction during various stages of project implementation. We make sure we met the clients’ expectations and even went beyond.
  • Optimization and simplification. All the company’s departments are sharing the same values and work towards the common goal. To make the cooperation between the departments even better, the company introduces workflow optimization and simplification within each department. We unite people by expertise, projects, interests, and promote open communication and healthy work/life balance.
  • Personal Development Plan. Since every A-Team Player is such a valuable asset to our company, we take an individual approach to every team member. We build a personal development plan for every A-Team member taking into account their strengths, hobbies, hard and soft skills. We want everyone to feel comfortable on our board and to develop in sync with the company’s continuous growth.

IT Master Soft has been operating on the market since 2012. And now we are moving into a new phase with advanced goals, and vision.

A-Team Global is all about A-level of service for our clients and A-level working conditions for our specialists.

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