February 15, 2021

Vue.js Interview Questions You Should Ask to Ensure a Candidate-Project Match

To successfully interview your future Vue.js developers and make the right hiring choice, you should be well-versed not only in the specifics of this technology, but also be able to access the candidate’s experience and background, plus soft skills and personal qualities. According to statistics, companies lose nearly $15,000 because of the wrong hire, so making the right choice becomes even more essential. 

Below are Vue.js interview questions you should ask to make sure the candidate can handle the technology in such a way as to drive business benefits to your project. 

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Vue.js Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced and Mid-level Developers

There are many factors that can make one or some of your candidates a perfect match. Still, their technical experience, knowledge, and skills are the most important ones, so let’s focus on the Vue.js interview questions and answers so that you can find out what to ask and what answers to expect from the candidate. 

1.What is Vue.js? 

Answer: Vue.js is an open-source front-end framework created by Evan You. The most distinctive features of the technology are the focus on user interfaces and great flexibility. Vue.js is also easily integrable with other technologies; it is pretty popular among developers and projects from different industries. For example, such companies as Grammarly and Trustpilot power their frontend with this framework as a part of a tech stack. 

2. Is Vue.js difficult to learn personally for you? 

Answer: This question implies a personal answer, still, it will allow you to identify the candidate’s learning skills and general attitude towards mastering something new. Most developers note that Vue.js is pretty easy to learn, especially if you are already skilled with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Vue.js documentation is also clear, allowing the developers to handle most of the tasks in a trouble-free manner. 

3. What are the main use cases of this technology?

Answer: Vue.js is perfectly suitable for projects with the user experience in focus. Most often, it is used to create Single Page Applications. It can also be a choice for progressive web apps, websites with dynamic, animated, and interactive content. As for the project size, Vue.js is good for small to large projects with simple architecture. 

4. What are the benefits of building a website using Vue.js? 

Answer: The websites created with the help of Vue have an awesome UI, instant loading speed, and enjoyable interactive features. Vue.js also opens a way to integrate a lot of user experience-enhancing solutions (for example, Vue-add-to-calendar or Vue-YouTube) with the website without the risk of overloading it. 

5. What business benefits canVue.js promise? 

Answer: There are several business benefits of using vue js interview questions for web project development. When handled right, this tool can be an option for quick MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launch and rapid development. In this way, Vue.js saves time, money, and the efforts of the programmers.  

6. How does Vue.js integrate with other libraries?

Answer: There are more than 40 libraries that one can integrate with Vue.js. For example, Vue Apollo to use in combination with Graph QL, VueX for state management, or Quasar for progressive web apps building. 

7. Is Vue.jspowerful in comparison with React.js?

Answer: When the usage of Vue.js is perfectly tailored to the project specifics, Vue performs better than React.js and Angular.js. 

8. What are Vue.js components?

Answer: Vue components are instances of a mix of JavaScript objects and HTML custom elements. Developers can manage and reuse them to create the best UI solution. 

9. Give an example of Vue.js components. 

Answer: For example, there are <transition> and <transition-group> components. With their help, developers can integrate HTML and non-HTML elements. 

10. What are child components?

Answer: Child components are the instances reused in a different component. 

11. What are data bindings in Vue.js?

Answer: Data binding in Vue.js refers to the process of changing the component and instantly changing the dependent element. 

12. What is a Vue router?

Answer: Vue router is one of the libraries Vue.js is integrated with. The task of the tool is to connect the browser's URL and Vue's components and render them independently of the View. 

13. What are Vue.js challenges and limitations? 

Answer: Vue comes with fewer plugins than React or Angular, for example. Also, Vue is pretty flexible  - for some projects, it can be a challenge since the final result may come out unpredictable. 

14. How to optimize Vue.js performance?

Answer: As for this Vue.js interview question, the first step before optimizing Vue performance is defining the pain point the users face and setting a clear goal. That’s why it is better to begin with reviewing the current performance, paying attention to the User Timing section.

As an option, it is possible to optimize loading components in Vue, minimize the use of external libraries, as well as compress and optimize images.

Experienced Vue developers also suggest eliminating duplicate rendering, and optimizing event handling. 

  15. How to share the data between components in Vue.js application?

Answer: There are three ways to share data between components in Vue. As an option, you can use props to share data from parent to a child components, emit custom events, and use Vuex to create an app-level shared state. 

 The first tactic is the simplest one. Vuex, in turn, is a centralized store for all the app’s components from which you can manage them, changing their availability and access controls. 

   16. What is key in Vue.js?

 Answer: The key is an attribute to give a hint for Vue's virtual DOM algorithm to keep track of a node's identity. 

To explain it simpler, this is an attribute that tells Vue how your data relates to the HTML elements. When your data is changing, Vue removes or updates HTML elements using these keys. So, this is a binding node between Vue and HTML. 

    17. What is the role of ref in Vue.js?

Answer: As for these Vuejs interview questions, Refs are Vue. js instance properties that are used to register or indicate a reference to HTML elements or child elements in the template of your application.

In simpler terms, Vue refs are used to mark a certain HTML element and then, reference this element in the Vue instance. In this way, we can make a DOM element selectable. 

    18. What are filters in Vue.js?

Answer: A filter is a JS function that is used to change the output of data to the browser. 

Vue.js fillers are easy to mix up with Vue keys. However, when keys are used when the data is changing, filters don’t change the data but change the output. Filters can be used in only two places: mustache interpolations (the curly braces in your template) and in v-bind expressions.

The Best Practices for Vue.js Developers Hiring

Interviewing your developers from the technical perspective and getting the right answers from them is already half the success. Still, if you want to hire Vue.js developers who will be actually able to make your project grow, below are some effective practices to follow.

  • Review the candidate’s portfolio and CV carefully. On average, a recruiter spends 7.4 seconds accessing the candidate’s CV. Make sure to devote more time to CV analysis since it will prevent you from losing valuable candidates, especially if you are hiring in-house and are limited to the local market. 
  • Choose the candidates with niche-specific expertise. This is one of the best practices for hiring tech talents since most of the approaches and tactics used for the projects within the same industry are quite universal. In this way, hiring developers with niche-specific skills, expertise, and projects in their portfolio saves you time and money paid for the development process. What’s more, it saves the efforts of your programmers and speeds up launching the high-end solution to market. 
  • Consider hiring a dedicated team remotely. Hiring a development team in-house promises a lot of operational costs and increased responsibility. It can be an option if you need to have tech specialists under your roof ongoingly, but for the companies in need to create only one project, hiring in-house means more expenses than benefits. In the latter case, consider hiring your developers remotely, following the software development outsourcing business model. The essence of this strategy is to partner with a dedicated vendor which provides you with a ready-made team gathered according to your project needs. Such a team is usually as productive and manageable as the in-house one, while the costs of running your development process remotely are pretty affordable even for a small business. 

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3 Reasons to Hire a Development Team from A-Team Global

If the outsourcing strategy for hiring Vue.js developers seems to be good for your project, consider A-Team Global as your dedicated development team vendor. Below are some business benefits you can expect when partnering with us. 

  • Project-tailored service. Depending on your project needs, we can either gather a Vue.js development team from scratch or source your project with the programmers we already have under our roof. In both cases, the process of hiring will be shorter than the average (on average, it takes one month to hire a candidate). Also, if you have a Vue.js team in-house but face a working hands shortage, we can help you with team extension and staffing. 
  • Transparent communication. We have well-established communication channels, control, and reporting practices so that you can always stay on the same page with your developers and Project Manager. It allows your remote team to be as effective as an in-house one. 
  • Great talent choice. Hiring Vue.js developers remotely means the opportunity to choose from a larger talent pool. We source our top talents from Ukraine - one of the leading software development outsourcing destinations globally, which stands out with strong tech expertise, engineering education tradition, lack of language barrier, and a cultural gap at an affordable cost for programming services. 


Hiring top tech talents is challenging, still, this is the task you can’t make a mistake with. Consider following a smarter strategy to power your project with the best candidates only and significantly cut the development costs. If these goals fit your project, let’s run its creation remotely, using the services of dedicated Vue.js developers sourced by us in the shortest term possible! Drop us a line right now to give your project a talent boost

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