November 2, 2022

Angular 2 Interview Questions – Top Tips for Success

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Angular 2 Interview Questions

We are pleased to present our article about Angular 2 Interview Questions. You're at the right place if you are preparing for a job or want to improve your knowledge of Angular 2. This article will test your Angular 2 knowledge. These questions are great for anyone who is a seasoned programmer or new to Angular 2. They will sharpen up your skills and help prepare you for interviews. We'll explore key concepts, common challenges, and best practices in Angular 2 through the lense of interview questions.

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Angular 2 Interview Questions and Jobs to be Done

What should you ask in an Angular interview? How do you prepare for an Angular interview? What are Angular basic interview questions? Conditionally, it is possible to divide the process of the Angular 2 developers’ interview into three logical stages. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. 

Review stage

Before asking Angular 2 coding questions, you need to make sure the candidate is potentially suitable to become a part of your project. For this purpose, make sure to carefully review their CV and portfolio.

When reviewing the CV, ensure that Angular 2 is undoubtedly listed among the mastered technologies, and pay attention to the related technologies, such as JavaScript (JS) and HTML. As for the portfolio, take a closer look at the fulfilled projects. The best option is to hire candidates with experience in your project’s industry. For instance, if you need to build an eCommerce website, it makes sense to consider the candidates with eCommerce, retail or Martech development experience.

Technical stage

At this stage, you are welcome to ask Angular programming questions to make sure the candidate has enough technical expertise to handle your project. Depending on the level of the candidate you aim to hire—be it Junior, Middle, or Senior—the complexity of Angular 2 interview questions can vary significantly. Adjusting the difficulty level ensures a tailored assessment that effectively gauges the candidate's expertise and suitability for the role.

Angular 2 interview questions and answers

  • What is Angular 2?

Angular 2 is a version of Angular.js framework. Angular.js in turn is a frontend web development framework created by Google back in 2010. The technology is pretty powerful, it comes with a declarative UI, supports real-time testing, and allows for creating highly performant yet awesome web apps. 

  • What is the difference between Angular js and Angular 2?

While Angular.js is powered by JavaScript, Angular 2 is written on Typescript, and that’s why its syntaxis is easier to learn. Angular 2 is also more suitable for web apps with enhanced mobile experience, while Angular.js is a tool for enterprise web development. 

  • What is the Angular 2 directive?

This is a “custom” add-in for HTML. There are three types of directives - components, attribute directives, and structural directives. To put it simply, directives are the tools to “direct” DOM elements and establish their behavior within the app’s architecture.
In turn, the DOM is a Document Object Model that represents the user interface holistically.

  • What is the Angular 2 component?

Angular 2 component is one of its directives. To put it simply, this is the main building block of the app, embedded in the piece of code.

Angular 2 Interview Questions (continue)

  • What is a module in Angular?

A module is a logical group of app components. Each page of the website can be represented as a module consisting of the components  -for example, headers, images, buttons, clickable CTAs, and so on. 

  • What is a decorator in Angular?

These are the tools to configure and customize classes without the need to change the source code.

  • What are the advantages of Angular 2? 

It is easier to learn compared to Angular.js, it promises good mobile performance, it comes with a clear architecture and the app created with this tool is easy to maintain. It uses TypeScript instead of JS, which allows for binding components in a more flexible and logical way compared to JS. 

  • What are the main use cases of Angular 2 from a business perspective?

Angular 2 is a good option for web apps that also strive to deliver a top-notch mobile experience. It can also be used to create the apps trendy among modern users - for example, video streaming platforms and on-demand solutions with complex architecture. Angular 2 can also be an equally good choice for mobile, web, and desktop apps. 

  • What is the most challenging thing about Angular 2?

The most challenging thing is mastering both Angular and Angular 2 since the complete understanding of both of the versions gives a better opportunity to tailor any of them to the project’s needs. 

These are the main Angular interview questions and answers that would help you understand if the candidate has sufficient knowledge on angular 2.

Personal Stage

After reviewing the candidates' CVs and portfolios and conducting Angular 2 interview questions to assess their technical skills, it's essential to delve into their personal fit for the role. This involves asking questions that bridge the gap between personal and professional aspects. For instance, candidates can be probed about their learning habits and approaches. Additionally, inquire about their life and business values, including what they deem acceptable and unacceptable within a team environment. It's also valuable to explore their preferences regarding industries and projects they would or would not be willing to work with. These insights help gauge not only their technical competence but also their cultural fit and alignment with the organization's values and objectives. At this stage, each project highlights the questions that matter the most for the company personally.

Advanced Angular 2 Interview Questions

Let’s look at some advanced Angular 2 interview questions. These questions are usually asked to check the Angular 2 advanced level of the developer.

What is string interpolation?

It is a special syntax in Angular 2. It embeds an expression into the HTML template, and it is a more effective alternative to property binding.

How do you declare a global variable in Angular 2?

 To do it in the simplest way, you should put the variables in the file and then export them,

What is the difference between @injectable() vs. @inject() in angular 2?

 @injectable focuses on setting metadata of dependencies to be injected into the constructor and without it dependency simply cannot be injected. And @inject tells angular what parameter should be injected, and it’s only required for injecting primitives.

What are eight lifecycle hooks in Angular?

Eight lifecycle hooks in Angular are: ngOnChanges(), ngOnInit(), ngDoCheck(), ngAfterContentInit(), ngAfterContentChecked(), ngAfterViewInit(), ngAfterViewChecked(), ngonDestroy()

Among other advanced Angular interview questions are the following ones:

The router-link directive authorizes the navigation from any specific view to the other one. The router-link directive provides control to the router for anchor tag elements. It also binds a clickable HTML to the route in order to authorize the navigation.

What is the use of polyfills.ts file in Angular 2?

Polyfills.ts is used in Angular 2 with the purpose of making user applications compatible with various browsers.

What is the factory method in Angular 2?

 Angular 2 provides three ways for creating a service; factory, service, and provider. The factory function lets developers include some logic before making the object. And the syntax for factory function is: app.factory('serviceName',function(){ return serviceObj;})

What are fat-arrow functions?

Fat arrow functions are sugar-coated anonymous functions. Basically, it does the same thing as anonymous functions, but the syntax is somewhat different.

These are some Angular advanced interview questions you can ask the candidate to see if they are ready to take on some challenging projects, where advanced knowledge of Angular 2 is required.

Making Things Easier - How to Hire a Ready-Made Angular 2 Development Team? 

Interviewing your future Angular 2 developers is only one stage of the hiring process. Before proceeding with the interview and preparing relevant Angular questions and answers, you should also find and shortlist your candidates, plus validate them according to the interview results. These tasks take time and money, and that’s why a lot of startups and already mature companies choose software development outsourcing as a better alternative to hiring in-house or gathering a freelance team.

Indeed, such an approach offers several benefits. The main challenge when opting for software development outsourcing is finding a vendor aligned with your goals. However, upon securing a reliable partner, you gain the advantage of hiring a pre-vetted Angular 2 development team. This bypasses the need for searching and shortlisting candidates. The developers' expertise is already validated by the development company, often evidenced by successful projects they've participated in.

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A-Team Global has an Angular 2 development team already gathered and ready to get started with your project right after all the software requirements specifications are developed by Business Analysts. While we are standing for effectiveness and transparency of the development process, you are welcome to re-interview the Angular 2 developers sourced by us on your own and make sure you are about to make the ultimately right choice. 

Your future Angular development team comes as a completely manageable, and flexible unit you can tailor to your project needs in a way you find the most effective for your company while cutting getting-started time and avoiding money waste. 

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How old is angular 2?

Angular 2 was first made public in 2014 at the NG Europe conference. In 2015, Angular 2 moved from Alpha to Developer Preview. The final version of Angular 2 was released in 2016.

What are some of the best IDEs for Angular 2?

Depending on your particular needs, you can find many choices for editing Angular code. In our opinion, some of the best IDEs for Angular 2 are: Angular IDE, Virtual Studio Code (VS Code), and Webstorm.

What is deep linking in Angular 2?

Deep linking in Angular 2 is the process of directing users to specific page or content without going anywhere else. It’s helpful in terms of indexing pages in search engines so that they can effortlessly crawl these links. 

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