November 11, 2022

Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

We are happy to announce that on November 15-17, A-Team Global is visiting Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Currently, one of our main focuses is the implementation of custom IoT solutions that can contribute to creating a better future. 

Alexey Kotliar, company’s CEO, and Nadiia Bezhan, Company’s COO, are excited to participate at #SCEWC22 in Barcelona. We are excited to be part of this knowledge-sharing event. Together, we can build a great future!

Get your customized Iot solution


We expect to learn more about future digitalization, building of smart cities and ways of improving our lives via technology. But we already have a lot of experience that we can share with the others. Check out how we can help you with your project and business-wide goals:

We are able to build customized solutions fully tailored to the requirements of certain projects or businesses while reducing costs as well as development time.

Our enthusiastic team solves the challenges of any complexity by creating solutions that are perfectly tailored to each business's needs.

Extend the possibilities of your business, improve operational efficiency, add agility and more control over processes and equipment with our custom IoT solutions built based on your specific requirements.

Boost the productivity and profitability of your services, optimize fleet routes, ensure fulfilling regulatory requirements, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs with our IoT-based fleet management solutions.

Cooperation models

  1. Perpetual license. The first step we take is developing a custom solution that perfectly meets your needs and expectations. Then you get access to the solution in perpetuity. The most apparent advantages of this model are simplicity and reduced software expenses over the long term.
  2. Custom white label. After carefully analyzing your business peculiarities, we develop an ideally tailored solution. Then it will be ready to be released under your brand. By choosing a white label model, you get an already proven MVP and drastically reduce the time to market and costs.

We have a powerhouse team of savvy professionals with the experience of jumping in all sorts of projects, making project-defining decisions promptly, and pointing other specialists in the most efficient direction. Let's start our cooperation and  translate your company values and brand attributes into uniquely-optimized software interfaces.

Let's start our cooperation and translate your company values and brand attributes into uniquely-optimized software interfaces.

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