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Extend the possibilities of your business, improve operational efficiency, add agility and more control over processes and equipment with our custom IoT solutions built based on your specific requirements.

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  • 11

    successful IoT projects

  • 7

    government-level solutions

  • 6

    critical infrastructure solutions

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Our History

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A-Team Global is a company of upscale professionals that have been providing software development services for 10 years. We aim to establish long-term cooperation, helping our clients to reach their business goals and receive a cost-efficient feature-rich software solution We build top-notch products taking into account all the business specifics to increase efficiency and productivity.

To increase efficiency and productivity, we partnered with Total API, a scalable ready-made platform that can serve as a powerful core for IoT solutions of any scope. Thus, we are able to build customized solutions fully tailored to the requirements of certain projects or businesses while reducing costs as well as development time.

Our custom IoT Software Development Services

IoT system development


We provide end-to-end custom IoT software development services building solutions of any complexity - from apps with the ability to collect data in real-time to complex systems with millions of connected devices. Turn your idea into a ready solution and enable digital transformation with us.

User app development


Having vast experience and using a tailored approach, our team builds apps that help businesses provide a seamless experience. You can explore the data collected by your smart devices, and easily manage the system of connected devices on the go with web and mobile applications.

API integration


We will ensure your IoT solution is integrated into existing infrastructure and interact well together with your physical assets. API integration allows the building of seamless connectivity, gives you better access to your data, and enhances your company’s performance.

IoT software enhancement


Our team will help you to expand the capabilities of your current IoT software, upgrading it with more innovative technologies, increasing performance and security, and adding new features. Based on your requirements, we re-platform, rearchitect or restructure your IoT solutions.

Benefits of Our Custom IoT Solutions

  • Rapid develop­ment process

    With us, the process of creating a custom IoT solution that perfectly suits your business requirements will take even less time than you expect. We reduce only the development time but not the quality of the product.

  • Lower develop­ment costs

    Building custom IoT solutions on a ready-made platform, we help our clients considerably reduce their expenses. As a result of our cooperation, you get the same functionality you expected but at a lower cost.

  • Easy scalability

    Scalability is considered one of the most significant features of IoT projects. The peculiarity of our approach to the development process allows the creation of flexible and scalable IoT solutions that can be easily expanded.

  • Reduced risks

    We take full responsibility for the IoT products we create. That's why we always have a risk management plan that allows us to identify unexpected project risks and eliminate them before they can become global.

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Cooperation Models

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    Perpetual license

    The first step we take is developing a custom solution that perfectly meets your needs and expectations. Then you get access to the solution in perpetuity. The most apparent advantages of this model are simplicity and reduced software expenses over the long term.

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    Custom white label

    After carefully analyzing your business peculiarities, we develop an ideally tailored solution. Then it will be ready to be released under your brand. By choosing a white label model, you get an already proven MVP and drastically reduce the time to market and costs.



Smart City

By implementing IoT solutions we help to solve numerous urban challenges -they make cities more comfortable, sustainable, and secure by improving street lighting, urban mobility, public safety as well as waste management.


Logistic / Mobility

We build IoT solutions that help transportation and logistics companies change and optimize the way they work. IoT solutions allow getting real-time data for accurate journey planning, improved communication, and making important strategic decisions.



Creating IoT solutions for agriculture, we make possible soil, cattle, and environmental conditions monitoring. Such a careful analysis allows taking data-driven decisions thus bringing higher profitability and sustainable business growth.



We develop custom IoT solutions that enable companies to greatly streamline equipment servicing, fleet management, and fuel efficiency by providing remote monitoring, asset management, and autonomous manufacturing.


Smart Campus

Building smart campuses is not a dream anymore. Creating such solutions helps to significantly improve campus employee effectiveness and provide better experiences, operations, as well as security.



Our tailored IoT solutions help companies reach their goals for energy efficiency improvement. Prompt real-time insights allow managing energy distribution and optimizing energy consumption in houses, buildings, and industrial facilities.

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Smart campus

  • Security and access management
  • Video surveillance
  • Emotional / involvement monitoring

Smart City

  • Public transport
  • Traffic control
  • Smart Lightning
  • Smart parking
  • Safety and security
  • Residental Metering system


  • Soil condition monitoring (Irrigation/Health)
  • Cattle monitoring
  • Fleet Management

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