Warehouse Management System

to improve the overall working process

Briefly about the project:

  • Industry: E-Commerce, CRM
  • Client's location: Denmark
  • Expertise: Dedicated development team
  • Project Type: Web app
  • Technologies: Vue js, PHP, Laravel, YII, Javascript

Initial Request:

The client from Denmark contacted A-Team Global with the request of helping to upscale the client’s business and improve the overall working process. The customer is running e-commerce shop and was looking for an expert team that would help make their work more efficient.

After receiving the client’s request, we carefully analyzed the website in order to understand what improvements we could make and how we could speed up the whole working process. After the scrupulous examination, our experts realized that it was important to speed up the process of taking orders, to shorten the life cycle of orders, and reduce the possibility of human errors. It was possible to achieve it all by creating a new warehouse management system. We presented our findings and ideas to the client, and soon after we signed an agreement and started working on the project.

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Initial Request:

Project Development

To create a new and efficient warehouse management system, A-Team Global team members once again meticulously inspected the existing warehouse system.

This system allows ecommerce shop owners to automate all internal processes from printing invoices, debiting money from a buyer's account to printing labels and tracking a parcel. There is also a Purchase CMS, an automated warehouse system that interacts with the Dandomain-based store, which allows creating orders for products from suppliers.

After the examination, all the team members came to the conclusion that a new warehouse management system should be created primarily with the help of Laravel. The advantage of using Laravel web framework is that it has such features and development tools that would enable faster development, Besides, Lavarel also allows developers to create reusable code that can be easily modified if needed. Other tech stack that was used for the project is: Vue js, PHP, YII, Javascript

So, finally, for the project we set up a team of 1 YII developer, 4 Laravel developers, 1 QA and 1 Project Manager. The Project Manager made sure all the deadlines were met and made sure there are no communication issues. PM would also notify the client about all the stages of the project fulfillment.

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Business Value:

As a result of our work, we created:

As a result of our work, the company got the following benefits

Various warehouse management systems, automation of picking and handling processes
Creation of ready block modules for developers contributed to the work efficiency
CRM systems for logistics management with external API connection
Helped with handling the orders in the e-commerce store and significantly improved the overall working process
We met all the client’s requirements and established deadlines. Our experts at A-Team Global created a new warehouse management system, which is much more efficient and faster.
Since it has become easier to order goods on the website, more visitors started coming to the ecommerce store, and the sales increased by 20% within a month. The customer was fully satisfied with our work.

Client Feedback

We have loved the collaboration with A-Team and how they approach work, their work ethic. It’s a big help in having a partner you can trust that can find skilled candidates in a very tough recruitment market.

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