November 11, 2021

Laravel vs .NET – Two Good Options to Power Your Project with (But Let’s Choose the Right One)

Which one is better, .NET or Laravel? Honestly, both technologies are quite powerful and performant, but they reveal their top features best only when they are perfectly tailored to the project specifics. So, let’s compare Laravel vs .NET performance, in-built functions, use-cases, and technical opportunities to let your project be powered by the best technology fit.

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Laravel Overview

Let’s take a look at the PHP frameworks’ popularity graph. Laravel ranks first for several years in a row, and there are a lot of reasons that make this PHP framework one of the most popular, demanded, loved, and respected by the developers’ community.

Lavarel popularity chat


Below are the beneficial features of Laravel. 

  • Model View Controller (MVC) architecture for quick and trouble-free tweaks
  • Automatic dependency injection for better performance
  • Laravel is the fastest framework for web development, which also makes it one of the most popular frameworks
  • Laravel documentation is very clear
  • It is supported by an extensive community
  • The framework is also easy to learn and the developers’ pool is large.

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Despite all the benefits of this framework, it also has some cons. Below you may find a list of them:

  • Some developers say that while Laravel is easy to learn, it can be challenging to handle it with a real project. The framework requires setting up a lot of additional tools which can be a challenge for large websites.
  • Laravel updates are tricky, and sometimes they add more headache than effectiveness.
  • While documentation is clear, it takes time to completely process it and configure Laravel to make it work for specific projects. 

Laravel Business Use Cases

According to our experience, using Laravel makes sense in the following cases:

  • eCommerce development

The MVC architecture and dependency injections allow for creating more performant websites at a faster pace, without sacrificing their quality. 

  • Enterprise development

Using Laravel for creating enterprise-level apps can also be a good choice since the framework is quite stable, secure and allows for seamless testing.

  • Rapid and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development

Laravel significantly speeds up the development process so it can be an option for the project that needs to come up with an MVP under the pressure of the deadlines and quickly get feedback from the market. 

.NET Overview

.NET is an open-source platform developed by Microsoft. There are several things that make it worth considering. Firstly, in a  face-to-face comparison “Laravel vs .NET”, the latter supports several programming languages the developers can use, for instance, C#, F#, and Visual Basic. 

The framework is also suitable for developing different types of apps that aren’t limited to web solutions only. With the help of .NET, you can also build mobile and desktop apps, plus create innovative software for the Internet of Things (IoT). Most developers agree that using .NET for such projects reduces the development time, makes the process of deployment easier and allows for staying on a feasible budget.

What’s more, when it comes to the difference between Laravel and .NET, the latter is a cross-platform framework that allows you to create awesome apps that will run seamlessly across the devices and provide the users with a close-to-native experience. 


Below are the specific and beneficial features of .NET. 

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP). It means that the developers work on the app part by part and then integrate them into the whole system.
  • Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It makes the process of building a UI easier. 
  • Ease of maintenance and deployment since the developers can focus on the object that needs some change without making significant changes to the whole system.
  • Cross-platform development in multiple languages, which simultaneously means the ease of accessing the necessary tech talents, plus the opportunity to create awesome apps of different types with a close-to-native experience.
  • .NET is easy to learn


There are not so many cons about .NET but they do exist.

  • Laravel vs .NET: Which is more flexible? The developers say .NET lacks flexibility - and this is the drawback of OOP.
  • Since the.NET ecosystem is managed by Microsoft, the projects created with its tools are Microsoft-dependent and are impossible to control.

. NET Business Use Cases

.NET is an almost versatile framework so using it makes sense in the following cases:

  • Mobile, web, gaming, and IoT solutions

According to the Microsoft website, there are various implementations of .NET, and each of them allows for running .NET code in different environments. Because of such a diverse range of apps that you can create with .NET, make sure to get advice from tech-savvy specialists before getting started with this technology. 

  • Legacy systems re-development

Legacy projects are tricky since you never know that surprise awaits you among the code lines. Still, .NET integrates with legacy (XML) systems pretty well and can become a reliable assistant in their re-boost. 

  • Cross-platform development

While there are a lot of cross-platform tools, for example, React Native, some companies choose .NET development services for creating cross-platform apps, mainly because of its multiplatform and multiprogramming languages compatibility. 

Here is a sample of a mobile app created with .NET.

Mobile app sample created with .NET

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.NET vs Laravel Comparison Table

.NET vs. Laravel, which one wins? The right answer is that they both win, but each one in its own use-case and business environment. 

Created byTaylor OtwellMicrosoft
Programming languagePHPC#, F3, Visual Basic
App typeWeb appsWeb, mobile, and IoT apps
Development speedFastFast
Development timeShortShort
Development costAffordableAffordable
Tools and kitsThere are not too many extensions and third-party tools, and configuring them for a large website can be difficultIn-build libraries, programming tools, and guidelines
Learning curveSeamlessSeamless


.NET vs Laravel — what to choose in 2021? Choose .NET if your plan is to run a cross-platform project, or intend to create an IoT app. Laravel, in turn, can be a better option for PHP websites that need to be quickly developed and validated by the market. For example, this is one of the best picks for eCommerce and other solutions following a rapid development approach. 

But before making the final choice, consider getting professional advice. We, at A-Team Global, can suggest the best technology for your project taking its requirements, business environment, and your expectations into account.

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